Military spouses play a critical role in the personal and financial success of their families. They also frequently have a career of their own. However, most military spouses relocate many times over their career as part of their spouse’s military service. This not only impacts the achievement of their career goals but makes it challenging in continuing their career at each new location.

Join the Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service and Employee Benefits Security Administration and the Department of Defense for this free webcast to learn about tips and tools that can help you keep on track for your career and answer your questions. You’ll learn how to obtain employment in your field/career path including where to find critical employment assistance resources and how to make the most of your employer’s benefits, including a retirement savings plan which can help you continue to build savings for your future financial security.
Military spouses do so much for their families’ success - please join us for this webcast to help you achieve your career success.

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